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Blazing Sky Bodywork

My services and referrals

Welcome to Blazing Sky Bodywork where I will always put your health and well being first! I have received training and certification in several modalities of massage, specifically Manual Lymphatic Drainage, (MLD), and Oncology Massage which are my specialties. I have also completed training in Final Touch where I am privileged to help those transition in hospice settings. Each therapeutic session is customized according to your individual needs. You can receive the powerful healing of lymphatic drainage at my office located in the at 3700 W. 15th Street, Suite 309A in Plano, Texas. See below for list of therapists to contact if I am not available.

Here are some other great therapists to try....

The power of of lymphatic drainage very beneficial and unfortunately there are not a lot of independent certified lymphatic therapists in the metroplex.  I have started a list of the certified lymphatic therapists  that I have vetted for you. Most of them do some other amazing modalities such as cranio-sacral, light therapy, hot stones, pre and post partum, trauma, reiki, myofascial release and more. If I am unavailable, please check them out and give them a call. (alphabetically listed)

  Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) or Oncology Massage

30 min     $50

60 min     $90

​90 min     $130

                                                                Manual Lymphatic Therapy Packages available

                                                                (3)  60 min sessions for $240

                                                              (3)  90 min sessions for $345

Therapeutic Massage

30 min     $40

60 min     $80

90 min     $110

                                                                Therapeutic Massage Packages available

                                                                (3)  60 minute sessions for $210

                                                              (3)  90 minute sessions for $285

Elastic Taping

$10.00 per session (for one to two tapes)

Home Visits(includes set up and travel fee's)

60 min     $150

90 min     $200